Sea Kayak Course Tromsø - 2 Days

Do you dream of being an independent kayak age in crystal blue waters, between large mountains, fjords and islands?
In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to and paddle safely on your own in calm waters. We will spend two full days exploring the fjords and learning the basics of safe sea kayaking, different paddle roofs, different ways to control your kayak, and how to save yourself and your paddle friend.
Once you have completed this course you will receive a "wet card" (certification from the Norwegian Paddle Association), which allows you to rent kayaking equipment throughout Norway, follow several courses and participate in kayak club activities.

No food or accommodation included in this course.

- Course content:
o Lift, carry, launch and enter the kayak
o Efficient forward paddling
o Rear paddle and stop.
o Lateral movement of the kayak.
o Low support ceiling.
o Steering roof (rear).
o Swing (swivel roof and steering roof).
o Landing.
o Securing a kayak after disembarking
o Rescue techniques
o Injury prevention
o Planning a simple trip to be completed
o General safety and basic seamanship
o General information about outdoor life and the right of public access
o Traceless traffic

About the trip

o Local and NPF-certified sea kayak instructor
o All kayaks and safety equipment (drysuit, shoes, gloves, ..)
o 14 hours course (09.00 - 17.00) - 2.days
o Wet card

What to bring:
o Warm wool underwear, hat, and socks
o Food and hot drinks
o 1 set of extra clothes
o Insurance
Number of guests 2-6 Level Medium



  • Warm clothes

Sea Kayak Course Tromsø - 2 Days

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Sea Kayak Course Tromsø - 2 Days