Sea Kayak Course Sommary - 2 Days (Accommodation not included)

Would you like to learn to paddle a kayak and be confident in kayaking on your own)? This basic course in sea kayaking has a duration of 16 hours and leads to a wet card.
N.B: Transport to Sommarøy, Accommodation, and meals are not included.

After completing this course, you will be able to travel safely in a sea kayak and be able to develop further as a paddler.

The course is held by experienced and local instructors with extensive knowledge from both teaching and guiding. Great emphasis is placed on safety and focus on close contact with the students. Instructor to student ratio is 1: 6

As we live in a part of the country that can be challenging for an ocean paddler in terms of weather and wind, we will go far beyond the standard requirements set by the Norwegian Paddle Federation. We dive a little deeper into safety and planning in relation to regionally challenging conditions, more navigation/interpretation of weather/maps, and look more at clothing and equipment in relation to the requirements of kayaking in northern Norway, both summer and winter.

The meeting place for this course is Sommarøy, approx. 1 hour west of Tromsø. During the two days the course lasts, we will explore the area's beautiful islands and beaches while your kayak skills improve and you get ready for a fantastic summer.

When registering, you will receive information by email describing what you need to know in detail.

- Course content:
o Lift, carry, launch and enter the kayak
o Efficient forward paddling
o Rear paddle and stop.
o Lateral movement of the kayak.
o Low support ceiling.
o Steering roof (rear).
o Swing (swivel roof and steering roof).
o Landing.
o Securing a kayak after disembarking
o Rescue techniques
o Injury prevention
o Planning a simple trip to be completed
o General safety and basic seamanship
o General information about outdoor life and the right of public access
o Traceless traffic

Welcome to hectic and exciting days at Sommarøy.

About the trip

o Local and NPF-certified sea kayak instructor
o All kayaks and safety equipment (drysuit, shoes, gloves, ..)
o 14 hours (10: 00-17: 00) - 2 days
o Wet card

Please bring:
o Warm wool underwear, hat, and socks
o Food and hot drinks
o 1 set of extra clothes
o Insurance
Number of guests Min 4 Max 6 Level Medium


  • June
  • August


  • Groups
  • Warm clothes

Sea Kayak Course Sommary - 2 Days (Accommodation not included)

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Sea Kayak Course Sommary - 2 Days (Accommodation not included)