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Sami Reindeer Sledding and History

Join local Sami guides for an unforgettable experience of reindeer sledding (2 to 2.5 km, approx. 35 minutes) and Sami culture. After the sledding you will visit their camp and have a chance to feed the herd of around 200 reindeer.

You will then gather inside the lavuu (Sami tent) for a hot traditional Sami meal and listen to stories about Sami culture around the camp fire. The guide will also perform a joik (traditional Sami song) for the guests.

The itinerary will be:
- Pick-up from Radisson Blu Hotel at 10AM (10:00) and 25min drive to our base
- 35 min reindeer sledding
- Feeding the reindeer
- Lasso-throwing (but not on real reindeer)
- Coffee and hot meal inside a warm Lavuu (traditional Sami tent)
- Storytelling of Sami Culture
- Joik performance (traditional Sami folk song)
- 25 min bus ride back to Tromsø city-centre

Included: Guide, transfer (25 minutes each way), warm clothes, hot meal, hot drinks
Duration: 4 hours
Number of participants: 1 - 20
Level of difficulty: Easy / family