Overnight Stay in Glass Igloo

A warm and high-standard glass igloo offers a comfortable stay in the wild.
Stay warm and cosy beeing outside whilst being inside the igloo.

The igloos are made to be luxury hotel rooms with a twin bed, two comfortable armchairs, tables, music, and heating. They are warm and nice. If it gets very cold, they are still warm enough to sleep in, but you also have the opportuinty to sleep in the guest house.

You will be sitting in the midst of nature, with a perfect view to everything from wildlife to starry nights, northern lights, midnight sun as well as a raging storm.

Access to bathrooms, kitchen and lounges in our renovated old house. Perfect for hiking starting just outside the door. You can also rent bikes, rowing boats and canoes.
CBIS 6690533

About the trip

* High-standard double bed
* Very confortable armchairs
* Lights, aircon, speakers, usb charger
* Towels & locally-made soap
* Access to shared kitchen, bathrooms and lounges
* Extra: Breakfast (NOK 200 per person), BBQ-package (NOK 250 per person), 3-course dinner (NOK 650 per person)

What to bring: Warm clothes and good shoes , mosquite repellent and sunglasses in the summer, toiletries, food for meals if this has not been booked extra.
Duration 24 hours Number of guests 2 guests per igloo. Level Easy
CBIS 6690534


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CBIS 6690531

Overnight Stay in Glass Igloo

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Overnight Stay in Glass Igloo