Overnight in Lavvo with Reindeer Feeding

Spend your night in our traditional lavvo, meet and feed the superhero of the Arctic and learn more about the Sami culture!
First you meet at Radisson Blu, where your guide will meet you and show you to the bus. Your Guide is wearing a blue poncho. From here you go on a 50 minute scenic ride to Breivikeidet - a beautiful location with untouched nature surrounding you.
When you arrive at the camp the Sami Guide greets you, and it's time to go feed the reindeer. If you need, you'll be able to change into something warmer, and off you go into the reindeer enclosure. Here we have over 200 reindeer waiting to meet you, and they are ready for dinner! They will come up close and personal, and you will have your own bucket with food for them. You have time to feed them, take pictures, talk to our guides and get to know our favourite animal before you are off to dinner in our traditional Gamme which is decorated with gorgeous reindeer antlers. In the middle, a cozy fireplace and Bithos - a dish that is very dear to the hearts of the Sami people, and hopefully, yours.
After dinner, your Sami Guide will tell you more about the life of the Sami, life in the Arctic and perhaps even do a little joik for you, which is the folk music of the North. After dinner you can go into your own tent, and here the fire is already lit for you. Sleeping around a toasty fireplace is nothing unusual in the North, and it is an experience you will never forget.
During the whole stay there is possibility to see Northern Lights, as there is very little light pollution at the camp it is a perfect place to see it if it's out!
The next morning you will be picked up at the camp after breakfast and brought back to Radisson Blu, with your backpack filled with great memories and and experience you will never forget.

About the trip