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Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Nordlys, Auroraboreale, Nordlicht, Auroresboreales, Noorderlicht. Or Guovssahas, (The light you can hear) ​as the Sami named it has fascinated us for the longest time and continues to do so. The first mention of the Northern lights we find as far back as (30,000BP) at the Cro Magnon cave where artwork depicts the dancing lights. In​1622 – Galileo Galilei and student Guiducci used the name aurora borealis (Dawn of the north) for the first time and it is still the name we use today.

Today The Northern Lights draws people from all over the world to the arctic in hopes of seeing the elusive lights. We have developed and produced a series of aurora activities for over a decade now and have collected the very best ones for you here. Read more about the tours by clicking the "the read more" button on the activity boxes.

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