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Fjord Cruise with MS Polarstar

Join the expedition ship MS Polarstar for a Fjord Cruise to beautiful Balsfjorden. The guide will be focusing on nature and local history.

MS Polarstar was built in 1948 for Seal hunting purpose in the ice of east Greenland. After the seal hunting periode that was finished back in the 1980´s the ship have been used in tourism and as a Sysselmann-ship in Svalbard. Now its refurbished at a cost of 20 mill NOK and looks like new. Everything in the engine room is new and the ship is very good maintained.

Date and time: 4th of July, 09:00 - 17:00
Duration: 7 hours

- A knowledgeable and dedicated English-speaking guide
- Fish soup
- Coffee and tea

What to bring?
Warm clothes (depending on the weather).