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Eco Fjord Hiking

The Arctic Fjords provide a breath-taking landscape for those looking to reconnect with nature.
The blend between ocean and mountains is a unique feature of this region. On this Fjord Excursion, we provide an environmentally friendly way to get to the mountains in a Tesla Model X. Once there, your guide will a mountain to hike OR choose a fjord to comfortably explore.

This excursion caters for your fitness and needs. This is a photogenic tour, with epic scenery customized for family, photographers and adventurers alike. With love for nature, the environment and the northern Norwegian landscape, this tour combines the best of both worlds.

Choose between a comfortable sightseeing tour in a Tesla Model X or a hike through the epic mountains. Your guides share the passion for these tours and have great local knowledge to make sure you are in good hands for this special activity.

During this tour we meet up at the base in central Tromsø for a quick briefing and overview of the area we are about to explore together. The location of the day depends on weather conditions and the fitness level in the group.

What to expect on this hiking Tour:
● A tailored hike for you: We will choose a hike or fjord excursion based on your wants and needs. With plenty of hikes and scenic areas to choose from we can pick something with ocean views, mountain views or both.
● Eco-friendly Tour: C02 emission free (both getting there and while on the mountain)
● A fresh and healthy lunch: Keeping energy high is important while on the mountain, which is why we will provide a light lunch to stay energized.

Season: 1 June to 14 September 2019

What to bring: Warm clothes, hiking shoes and sunglasses

• Meeting point in central Tromsø
• A brief introduction to our Tesla Model X
• Comfortable seating and extended windows for optimal views
• Comfortable seating and extended windows for optimal views
• Certified driver and guide
• Gear (boots, poles and snowshoes if needed)
• Light picnic, soft drinks and warm premium coffee/tea at beautiful spots
• Heated car with comfortable seats
• Warm suits on colder days, gloves, hats and boots for being outside

Number of guests: 4-6
Duration: 4 hours