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Join us and experience spectacular Senja in September! A fully packed experience with fantastic hikes, adventurous transportation by boat, authentic meals and good opportunities for relaxation and socialisation.


Tromsø Safari launches Arctic Hike in collaboration with Bergans Fritid, Arctic Sport, Winter Troms AS and Sans Senja. We are delighted to offer two different hiking packages on the amazing island of Senja in September.

Senja is a gem of an island between Tromsø and Lofoten with many mountains and a diverse nature. Senja is often referred to as a miniature of Norwegian nature. Steep mountains with rugged landscape are characteristic for the northern part, while in the south you will find green fields and perfect crystal white and elongated beaches. The low forest boundary means that most of the hikes have clear views, giving you a feeling of eternity and freedom. Since there are few people living in Senja and the island is not exposed to mass tourism, you often have the mountains completely to yourself.


September 9-13, 2020



After checking in at Senja Fjordhotell, the group will meet the guide, who will provide an introduction and go through the equipment and the hiking program for today.

Today's destination is Sjursviktinden, 837metres above sea level, the most western peak on Senja. The hike is just about 6.5 km long. Already after a few hundred metres walk, you get a fantastic view. The first 2 km are gentle, but it quickly gets quite steep to the summit. At the top there is an incredible view including the Norwegian Sea in the west, the mountains Senjahesten (The Senja Horse), and Manen (The Mane), as well as the islands in the south like Lemmingvær, Bjarkøy and Dyrøy. For those who prefer an easier hike, head straight north from the hotel along a gravel road. After a few hundred metres, take the marked hiking trail up to Snauheia, 350 metres above sea level. This summit also provides an excellent view. The trip is about 4.5 km long.



After breakfast we meet the guide who will go through the hiking program for today. The main hike starts with a 15 minutes bus ride to Vassvika. From Vassvika we quickly hike up above the forest border and traverse the mountains Eidefjellene back to Senja Fjordhotell. The hike is quite demanding in length and altitude, but the advantage is that you will have a spectacular view of just about our whole trip, including towards the Ånderdalen National Park. There are three peaks of about 800 metres on this hike and the side sections to the summits can feel a little airy. When ascending down from the last peak, Eidetinden, we pass Snauheia and follow the hiking trail down to Senja Fjordhotell. This hike is certain to give you a lot of spectacular pictures.

If you consider the hike across Eidefjellene to challenging, Lonketinden is a somewhat "kinder" alternative. This is an easy and nice hike where you hike on a good hiking trail and a wide mountain ridge up to Store Lonketind. This route also offers breathtaking views.



After breakfast, we travel by bus for 20 minutes to where we meet our guide who will go through the hiking program for today. The hike starts at Hofsøy Bygdemusem, where we follow Dronningruten (The Queen`s Route). This route goes along the sea, and you will experience a varied coastal landscape - coves, beaches, rocks, and marshes. The tour involves very few hills. When you arrive at Ryvollgård, it is possible to catch the bus back to Senja Fjordhotell. For those who want to continue, the route carries on up to Stangnesfjellet and back to Hofsøy Bygdemusem.



After breakfast, we meet our guide who will accompany us on the longest hike of this stay. Today's tour does not involve a lot of up-hill hiking. It starts at 350 metres above sea level and goes down to Tranøybotn, which is located at sea level. First there is a little climb up to Istinden, then we continue down to the lake Kapervannet. Once you pass Kapervannet you come to the warm pine forest in the Ånderdalen National Park. At the lake Åndervannet there is a hut and fire pit. Here we will make a fire and cook bidos while summarising the day. After eating and having fun, it is a 6 km rather easy hike down to Tranøybotn. For those who want a slightly shorter hike, we start from Tranøybotn and go to the hut at lake Åndervannet and then return. The terrain is easy and there are prepared trails even across the marshes. By the lake, we make a bonfire and prepare some proper coffee to have together with our lunch.



Today we do not have a set program, but we recommend a boat trip to the island Lemmingvær, a former trading centre which is now abandoned and has been turned into a wildlife conservation area.

A light lunch will be served before departure to the airport.

September 16-20, 2020




We check-in at Hamn in Senja, before lunch is served at Spiseriet. After lunch, the group will meet the guide, who will provide an introduction and go through the equipment and the hiking program for today.

The goal for the hike is Sukkertoppen, 456 metres above sea level, a fantastic evening and afternoon hike that gives you a spectacular view across the islands Bergsøyene and the mountains Husfjellet and Skaland. The first kilometre is slack, but then it gets quite steep and airy up to the peak. The tour is only about 4 km. Well back at Hamn, we go through the hike just completed and the hikes to come. The day ends with a three-course dinner in Spiseriet.



After breakfast we meet our guide who will go through the hiking program for today. The main tour today starts with a 15 minutes bus ride to the village of Gryllefjord. The hike today is only 6 km, but due to some steep sections, we consider it an intense tour. From Gryllefjord, we hike up on Glæret, 380 metres above sea level. A return hike to Glæret is popular among the locals, but we turn south-east and hike across to Middagstinden, 540 metres above sea level. From Middagstinden we keep the altitude and get an airy hike over to Midtertinden, 625 metres above sea level. Then the route runs smoothly down to Torsken and Wilsgård Salmon farming and factory. If enough interest, we can arrange a private tour for the group. The alternative hike also starts by bus to Gryllefjord, but then you go by boat across to the abandoned village of Barbogen. From Barbogen you cross through a small mountain pass down to the beach at Sandsvika, a quiet and almost untouched crystal white beach. After coffee and lunch, you then return to Barbogen. The trip is about 5 km and has barely 100 metres of height difference.



After breakfast we meet our guide who will go through the hiking program for today. Firstly, we get driven by boat across to Skaland (20 min) and the historic Berg church, where the hiking trail starts. The church is the site where the first female minister in Norway, Ingrid Bjerkås, worked. We walk through Sommerdalen and up to Husfjellet, 625 metres above sea level. This hike is known as Dronningruten (The Queen`s Route). When returning from Husfjellet, we head east and follow the mountain ranges Litjebruset, 520 metres above sea level, Storebruset, 560 metres above sea level and finally Nonshaugen, 460 metres above sea level. From Nonshaugen we hike down towards a mining site before heading towards the hiking trail leading back to Berg church. The trip is about 11 km and is considered quite strenuous.

For those who want a slightly easier hike, you can return down from Husfjellet the same way you hiked up, via Dronningruten.



After breakfast, we will meet our guide who will accompany us on the longest hike of this stay. It starts with a bus ride to the fishing village Fjordgård (45 min). From Fjordgård you hike the shortest way up to the ridge between the Hesten (The Horse) and Stavelitippen. This ridge really allows you to admire Segla (The Sail) and see why it is such a majestic mountain. From here you can also see today's goal, Instekongen, 735 metres above sea level. On the hike up to the summit of Instekongen, you pass the characteristic mountain formation Kongeporten (The King`s Gate). To get to Kongeporten, you must tackle the valley Korkedalen. Then the route goes up to Svarvasstinden and enters the northern side of Instekongen, and from here you get to Kongeporten. There is a fantastic view from the top of Instekongen - the Norwegian Sea, the fishing villages Senjahopen, Mefjordvær and idyllic Husøy, as well as the whole mountain range called Kongene (The Kings) - not without reason.

After a decent rest at Kongeporten you follow the same route back. It is now quite late in the day, but for those who would like to freshen up, there is enough time for a cooling bath in the lake in Korkedalen. The tour ends with a final climb up to Hesten, and then down to the village of Fjordgård.

For those who prefer a slightly easier hike, take the standard route up to the Hesten. On the return, follow the edge towards Segla. The view from here is probably Senja's most famous photo subject on Instagram. The tour then turns down towards Fjordgård and follows a gravel road south towards the community hall in Fjordgård. From there you follow the standard route up on Segla, an airy and exciting hike, but perfectly safe. In total, this trip is about 8 km.

Then there is the bus ride back to Hamn where you can indulge in the jacuzzi and sauna. Perhaps you also take the challenge from the guide...?


DAY 5 | OPTIONAL        

Today we do not have a set program, but we recommend a guided boat trip to the islands of Berg. A protected archipelago with a lot of war history.

A light lunch will be served before departure to the airport


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