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Arctic Fjord Sightseeing by Minibus

The Arctic is such a magical place, offering special moments through and around the fjords during the twilight months that can only be found above the Arctic circle. We love nature and believe we share this passion with you.

We have created a scenic, educational sightseeing tour in which we will explore the fjords in the Arctic landscape around the Tromsø region. You will head out in a comfortable minibus with a personal guide who will be with you for the entire duration of the tour.

The fjords, inlets, villages and sandy beaches located a short drive outside Tromsø is an absolutely stunning region that we love to explore with travelers from all over the world.

We have found that many travelers want to get out of the city, and explore the epic nature in the area, but do not know where to travel to, nor have any way of getting there. We have created this tour to show you some of the most special fjords in the area in a comfortable, and genuine setting. Our guides know the area well and love to show you our favourite places while providing history and local knowledge along the way.

. It’s a tour for the entire family, and you will get the opportunity to ask questions, take pictures and stretch your legs in these amazing Arctic environment that we love so much.

During the tour we will stop for coffee/tea and a light meal at one of our favorite spots.

Season: Daily from 1 November 2018 to 14 March 2019.

What to bring: Warm boots, hat, scarf and mittens.

• An introduction to the schedule & route
• Certified driver and guide
• Complimentary tripod rental for the duration of the tour
• Light picnic and premium coffee/tea at beautiful camp spots
• Snacks, nuts & chocolate bar
• Heated minibus with comfortable pillows & blankets
• Suits to keep you comfortable in the Arctic climate
• Extra blankets, gloves and hats for being outside

Duration; : 4 hours
Number of guests: 2-15
Level: Easy