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All seasons and Activities from Tromsø Safari

Midnight Sun, Polar Nights & Northern Lights


The arctic summer is nature’s own way of celebrating light, with 24 hours of sunlight from the 18.May to the 25. July we can safely call Tromsø the “capital of the midnight sun.”

The polar night reigns in the winter from November to the end of January. What is usually known as 24 hours of darkness is actually 24 hours of different shades of blue. The polar nights are a magical time to visit and experience the north. Oh, and did we mention that this is the season for the spectacular Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights.

We offer a wide variety of activities both for the summer and winter season, glide through the woods on our Husky safari, fall in love with the majestic whales on our whale safaris, and be spellbound by the northern lights on our Aurora Safari Basestation. 

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