Autumn adventures with Tromsø Safari

Glacier hikes, northern lights and river boat safari. Overnight stay in glass igloo and fjord adventures by RIB boat.

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Tromsø Safari, for a better experience in Tromsø and Northern Norway


We are proud to present our autumn adventures. Bring your family along on a traditional riverboat to the mighty Mollis waterfall, spend a night with your beloved partner in a glass igloo surrounded by wilderness or share laughter, speed and memories with your friends on an exciting RIB-safari. It is all up to you, but don't forget to cherish the last long summer days. And the beautiful Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are back. 

Tromsø Safari's focus on building strong local connections in order to sustain the local communities and the environment, are your guarantee that we care about you and Tromsø. Remember that your choices matter, also on holiday! Welcome to Tromsø and Tromsø Safari.


We are also on Instagram! Follow us on @Tromso_Safari.  We are always sharing shots from our activities.


🇬🇧New in Town? The autumn aurora is back with a force. We have had incredible northern lights the last few days and the forecast going forward looks promising. You are welcome to join us on tour to experience the autumn nights under the dancing aurora. 

🇳🇴 Er du ny i Tromsø? Vi har hadd helt fantastisk Nordlys så langt i September og varslene ser bra ut framover. Du er velkommen til å bli med oss på tur å oppleve nordlyset. 

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🇳🇴Nordlys sesongen er i gang og i år har vi gleden av å presentere en rekke nye nordlysaktiviteter. Vi har tilpasset alle turene våre med COVID tiltak for å skape en trygg og fin opplevelse for deg.  Ta gjerne kontakt med oss om du skulle ha noen spørsmål. Håper vi ses ute på tur sammen ❤️

🇬🇧 The Northern Lights seaons is back and we have already had some spectalular aurora above Tromsø. We hope to see you on tour when you are able to travel to Tromsø. ps, we have adapted all our tours with COVID 19 security mesures to make it a safe and comfortable experience.

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🇬🇧 The aurora/northern lights season is now upon us and we look forwards towards many beautiful nights under the night sky. 

🇳🇴 Nordlys sesongen er i gang og vi gleder oss til mange flotte netter under nattehimmelen. Det er noe magisk med nordlys og høstvær. 

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🇬🇧River boat safari to the iconic Mollis Waterfall. Ps. did you know that the sami riverboats are very similar in design to the iconic Viking ships? 

🇳🇴 Elvebåt safari opp reisaelva til Mollis fossen eller Imo fossen om du ønsker en lengere tur. Du kan lese mer om disse turene på www.tromsø

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